Screen Resolution Keeps Reverting Back

Do you find that after changing the screen resolution, it keeps reverting back to the old resolution? To stop the screen resolution reverting back after you change it:

Immediately after changing the resolution, click on the Control Panel icon in the Task Bar. The Control Panel icon should already be there, because you will have used it to change the resolution in the first place. If it’s not there, press AltTab. If it’s still not there, try restarting your computer, then close all open windows before changing the screen resolution.

You will then get a button to click that says Keep Changes. If you don’t click this within 30 seconds, the screen resolution will revert back.

In certain circumstances, your screen resolution may revert back without giving you the option to click this button or revert back after clicking the button. In this case, you have probably chosen a screen resolution that is not supported by your monitor, or are not running the most up to date monitor driver.

To fix this, check your manufacturers documentation to see what screen resolutions your monitor supports and download the latest monitor driver from the manufacturers website. This should stop your screen resolution from reverting back to the previous screen resolution.

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HP z420 – Flashing Red Power Button

When an HP z420 PC won’t start, the power button flashes red and the PC beeps. The red flashing power button means different things depending on the number of beeps. Here’s what the flashes mean:

Power button flashes red and beeps 4 times
Power Supply
Power button flashes red and beeps 5 times
Power button flashes red and beeps 6 times
Video Card or Graphics
Power button flashes red and beeps 7 times
Motherboard or System Board failure
Power button flashes red and beeps 8 times
BIOS or CMOS problem (ROM)

To fix most of these errors, you can just power off then take out the appropriate component. For example, if the power button is flashing red 6 times and giving 6 beeps, then the issue is with the graphics card. To fix this, remove the power to the HP z420 PC, open the case, disconnect the power to the graphics card and remove the card from the motherboard. Wait a minute before connecting it all back up again and restart the computer. This trick also works with memory and motherboards (just disconnect everything, then reconnect it).

:!: Don’t forget to ensure the power is off and the power cable is removed when doing this!

The reason I give the graphics card example, is that the HP z420 seems quite prone to having graphics cards issues – the flashing red power button and beep code seems to happen every time the z420 losing power abruptly, even when not running an operating system :(

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INFO: The User Does Not Have RSOP Data – GPResult

When trying to run gpresult on a Windows 7 PC, you get:

INFO: The user “UserName” does not have RSOP data.

This is because the user specified has never logged onto the PC before. GPResult will only gather RSOP data from a user profile on the PC and therefore requires the user to have logged onto the PC before GPResult will return data.

If you need to gather RSOP data without logging onto a PC, try using the GPMC management console and running the Group Policy Modelling Wizard instead.

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Is BitCoin Mining Worth It?

Today I’ve been looking into BitCoin Mining and calculating whether it’s worth it. To work out whether mining BitCoins is worth it, I found that for someone with a computer that can crack 300M hashes per second, it would take almost 3 years.

I have a 2.8GHz CPU, which was able to crack just 3/4 M hashes per second. Given this, and assuming that the BitCoin encryption is never improved (which of course it will be as computers become more powerful), it would take me over 200 years to mine a BitCoin.

:!: Actually BitCoins are mined in blocks of 50, so it would take me 200 years to get 50 BitCoins

There are several calculators available to work out whether it’s worth you mining BitCoins. These are based on your hardware and electricity costs of running that hardware over the length of time it would take to mine a BitCoin. Of course, you could reduce this ridiculous timeframe by joining a pool of BitCoin miners, who pool their efforts and share the rewards. The idea behind this is that everybody works together to increase the chances of finding a block of BitCoins and then splits that block – effectively reducing the gain for a higher chance of success.

Of course, that gives you only one side of the BitCoin :mrgreen: The other thing you have to consider is that once you have a BitCoin, you have to sell it. That can be effort and risk in itself.

Based on the above, it’s my opinion that it’s not worth mining BitCoins. Having said that, you could consider that your CPU / GPU isn’t fully utilitised when you’re sitting there playing on the internet or watching a video, so why not put it to use mining BitCoins? In that sense mining BitCoins may be considered worth it, because you have nothing to lose but the 10 minutes setting it up.

That being said, you could put your idle CPU to better use with a more philanthropic cause, which is perhaps more worth your CPU’s time than the slim chance to mine a BitCoin :)

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Object Contains Other Objects – Deleting Computer Objects

When deleting a computer object from AD, you get this error:

Object contains other objects

This is because the computer object contains another object (yes, it’s possible!). To see the object it contains and fix this error:

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Click View -> Users, Contacts, Groups, and Computers as containers
  3. Now find the computer object in the directory structure (not using the Find option)
  4. Expand the computer object to see the other object contained within
  5. Delete the object within

You should now be able to delete the computer object.

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Directory Service Can Perform The Requested Operation Only On A Leaf Object

When trying to delete an object from AD, you get this error:

The directory service can perform the requested operation only on a leaf object

This is because the object you are deleting contains another object, making the object a (sort of) container. This can even be true of computer and user account objects! To confirm this, in AD Users and Computers (dsa.msc), click View -> Users, Contacts, Groups, and Computers as containers. You will then be able to expand the object to see if it has anything inside it.

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Snapchat Notification Sound Is Not Working

You may find that the notification sound is not working in Snapchat. This is because you need to enable it. To enable notification sounds in Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Go to the camera screen
  3. Tap on the cube at the bottom left
  4. Select the settings option (looks like a cog at the top right)
  5. Under My Account, set Notification Sound to by On

Notification sounds in Snapchat should now be working.

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How To Remove My Computer From The Start Menu In Windows 7 – GPO

The removal of the My Computer icon from the Windows 7 Start Menu is a strange GPO, because it’s not found under the Start Menu and Taskbar GPO as you’d expect. To remove My Computer from the Start Menu, navigate to the following GPO:

User Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Desktop -> Remove Computer icon on the desktop

This policy is also responsible for removing the My Computer icon from the Start Menu.

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Financial Articles

I’ve decided to start writing about finance on my blog. Why? This year I decided to focus on my retirement and am just about to buy my 3rd house in one year.

Because work has been so busy and I’m not really having a social life, I spend most of my personal time saving or calculating how to manipulate my investments, the aim being to shave years from my retirement. I’m quite enjoying this manipulation because it’s like doing a puzzle, but also allows me to be as creative as Kim Dotcom’s lawyer.

With that, I hope you enjoy my creativity and it helps you achieve your personal financial goals.

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